Custom Printer Friendly Pages

Printer-friendly pages are an easy way for a practice to be patient friendly.  It is also an great way to be environmentally friendly. 

Printer-friendly pages provide patients with printed pages containing only the most important information such as:

  • Practice Name and/or logo
  • Page title
  • Page content
  • Page footer information including address and telephone information

Printer-friendly pages also help patients by:

  • Saving printing time
  • Saving paper
  • Saving color ink

What do printer-friendly pages exclude?  They do not show or print the web site background images or graphics that tend to use up lots of expensive color ink.  They also don't print extra pages with frivolous stuff.

While the color graphics add pizzazz to the web site, they don't add value for patients seeking to print only the meaningful information, such as directions to your office.

Below are examples that show the differences between printer-friendly and regular pages:

Printer-Friendly Page Standard/Unfriendly printed page
Printer-friendly Pages for patients Printer-friendly Pages for patients