Logo Design

If your medical practice does not currently have a logo, then let our designers work with you to create a professional logo reflecting your practice's identity and personality. Our designers listen to your wants and needs to create logos in formats suitable for both print and online use.

If you already have a logo that may be outdated, then now is time to rebrand yourself with a new logo that reflects your vision for the future.  Refreshing an existing logo or replacing it entirely is a great way to make your practice relevant and attractive to newer and younger patients.

The following are examples of logos recently designed and created for MMA clients.

Sunrise Pediatric Neurology

The Pelvic Floor Institute

Kennesaw Gynecology

Lee Side Wellness - Empathic Psychiatric Services

Georgia Anesthesiologists, P.C.

Silver Spring Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine

Zabrecky Institute of Biomedicine

Infectious Disease Services of Georgia

Piedmont Cancer Institute

Walden Pond Pediatrics

Brain and Spine Center of South Florida

AIM Primary Care

Tasman Eye Consultants

Retinal Consultants of Arizona


Logo of Northside Spine & Pain SpecialistsNorthside Spine & Pain Specialists are a team of board-certified anesthesiologists with Sub-specialty Board Certifications of pain management offering current diagnostics, therapies, and procedures in Atlanta, Georgia.

Northside Spine & Pain Specialists' logo features a soft, organic "fern", that floats back to cross the "t" in "Northside". The soft green color and organic shape lend to an overall feeling of softness. This group of anesthesiologists wanted their logo to depict vitality & life, which is achieved through the green color and plant-like shape.

Logo of Maffei Vein CenterMaffei Vein Center provides comprehensive vein treatment for patients in the Athens, Georgia area.

Maffei Vein Center's logo demonstrates a strong use of color. The red in the word "vein" amongst the other black lettering highlights the "notion" that veins are red, or at least they carry blood that is the color of red. Highlighting the word "vein" is pivotal in this logo and makes it obvious that this is a logo for a VEIN center. Use of the cursive-style lettering applies a softer, more human, style.

Logo of West Georgia Gastroenterology AssociatesWest Georgia Gastroenterology Associates is a medical practice of gastroenterologists specializing in digestive healthcare in Bremen, Carrollton and Newnan, Georgia.

"G" is for "gastroenterology", but, upon closer examination, you discover the lower-case "g" is actually a digestive tract. This clever little graphic depicts the group's specialty exactly.

Logo of Medical Associates of GeorgiaMedical Associates of Georgia is an internal medicine practice located in Alpharetta, Georgia.

In this logo, the lowercase "i" in the words "Medical" and "Associates" is replaced with a doctor figure, evident by the stethoscope. This figure is blue, similar to the color of medical "scrubs" and has a shape reminiscent to the lower case "i". The doctor figure gives the logo an obvious healthcare feel and joins the words to create a cohesive logo.

Logo of North Atlanta Spine & Pain CareNorth Atlanta Spine & Pain Care diagnoses and treats pain conditions relating to the spine or any part of the body in a safe, courteous and considerate environment. This medical practice is located in Marietta, Georgia.

The use of the spine graphic in the logo of North Atlanta Spine & Pain Care is an immediate visual cue to the practice's specialty. It also joins the four lines of text together giving the logo cohesiveness. The curve of the spine and curves of the "&" soften the logo giving it more visual appeal.