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Center for Hospital Physician Alignment, Professional Society
Center for Hospital Physician Alignment
Professional Society
The CHPA design is centered around the text-heavy content and has an emphasis on way-finding and usability. Three interactive callouts at the top of the design indicate 3 main categories of services. The dynamic links on the home page take the user directly to that service. Once inside the website, the side menu on the right allows the user to navigate from service to service without having to use the back button, and the bold underline style lets the user know exactly where they are in the list. Breadcrumb trail at the top also shows the user where they are in relevance to what category they are in. Even the News articles on the news pages are listed on the right, continually showing the user where they are in relation to the rest of the website. Once the window is re-sized below 820 pixels, the responsive web design changes to a more mobile-friendly style. The mobile design is sensitive to the amount of real estate available on small screens, resizes images, and serves up only the most important information: the content. The sub-menu is positioned under the content so the user does not have to continually “scroll down” in order to get content on mobile devices.
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