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Website Features

Adding features to your medical website will improve the patient visitor experience. Many aging websites are not interactive; therefore, their statistics indicate a lower than average visitor time on the website and fewer pages viewed.

New, interactive websites that have patient-friendly features have an impact on how patients feel and interact with the practice.

Responsive Design

MMA's websites are built responsively - adapting to fit the size of the user's device or browser window making this the most-important feature we include on all new websites.

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Improved Navigation & Search Functionality

  • Multi-level Navigation Menus for websites with a large number of content pages
  • Breadcrumb Trails on every page for improved website navigation
  • Sitemaps to display all the pages on the website
  • Custom Search Feature for websites with extensive content

Secure Online Forms

Database-driven Content

Additional Features

Contact MMA to learn more about the types of features that may be applicable or useful for your practice's specialty and patient-base.

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