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When you need to market more details about your medical practice, a full/half-page flyer is a fantastic medium for communicating important information about your practice to potential patients or to referring physicians. Our designers will work with you to create a a beautiful piece outlining the medical services your practice offers, your healthcare providers and their qualifications, and your office locations. Our designers marry your practices pertinent information with the design style of your logo, website, or other marketing materials to create a cohesive marketing package.

The following are examples of brochures and flyers recently designed and created for MMA clients.

Full-page Process Graphic

HearBright Audiology & Hearing Aids

HearBright Audiology & Hearing Aids Flyer

Full-page Flyers

Georgia Pain & Spine Institute

Georgia Pain & Spine Institute Flyer

Dr. Joshua Klemp

Dr. Joshua Klemp Flyer

Hope Radiation Cancer Center

Hope Radiation Cancer Center

Atlanta Pain & Wellness

Atlanta Pain and Wellness Flyer

Map/Location Graphic

Children's Medical Group

Children's Medical Group Map/Location Graphic

8.5 x 3.5 inch "Bio" Flyer

Jeremy Peck MD, PhD, FAAD, Dermatologist & Mohs Surgery Specialist

Jeremy Peck MD, PhD, FAAD, Dermatologist & Mohs Surgery Specialist

Karthik Mohan, Board Certified Gastroenterology

Karthik Mohan, Board Certified Gastroenterology

Program Covers

Program covers for the Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology (GASCO) annual meetings. Each portrays a clinical aspect related to medical research.

Choose an image below to see a larger version.

GASCO program cover 2015
GASCO program cover 2014
GASCO program cover 2013
GASCO program cover 2012
GASCO program cover 2011

Coordinating Walk-in Power Point Slides

For several years, a coordinating walk-in Powerpoint slide or post card was created.

GASCO walk-in slide 2015
2015 Powerpoint Slide

GASCO walk-in slide 2014
2014 Powerpoint Slide

GASCO postcard 2011
2011 Postcard

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